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CMD368 Review

As a sports bettor, there is little choice when finding a responsive platform with competitive odds. One such casino is CMD368, a widely used platform in Malaysia and Singapore with top-of-the-line promotions and bonuses. The strength of the casino lies in its fantastic Sportsbook. It is a fully developed casino licensed and regulated by FCLRC. But does the website have everything it takes to become a premium sportsbook casino? That is what you will find in our team’s thoroughly investigated review of CMD368 Casino.

Overview of CMD368

CMD368 is a top-notch online betting platform that has become one of Asia’s most popular online casinos. The platform has a vast genre of games from almost all walks of life and provides users with secure and safe gambling options, competitive odds on sports events, and a user-friendly mobile application.

The casino is licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation to ensure unbiased gaming. It has excellent customer support services available 24/7 via phone calls or live chat. The most cherishable feature of this casino is that it is a leading sportsbook all over Asia. CMD368’s diverse set of football betting opportunities and its commitment to customer satisfaction have contributed to its reputation as a leading sportsbook for football enthusiasts.

History and Background of CMD368

CMD368 is an excellent sportsbook provider that was established in 2013. It is located in the heart of Cambodia and operates in several Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. CMD368 is currently one of the most sought-after sportsbooks provider in Asia. The platform has been tested and trusted over the years, with customers guaranteed to get their winnings.

CMD368 has joined hands with multinational companies and celebrities like former Arsenal hero Robert Pires. Besides sports betting services, CMD368 has also been involved in esports activities such as the CMD368 Championship, a European Global Offensive tournament held online by UCC. The CMD368 Championship occurred from January 21st to January 28th, 2020, featuring eight teams and a prize pool worth $20,000 (26,778 SGD).

Even though most people know CMD368 for its sportsbook and esports games, the fact is that it can act just like a regular casino. Today, it has partnered with top-of-the-line game providers like CQ9, Sexy Baccarat, Big Gaming, SpadeGaming, Dragon Gaming and many more. These aren’t just some names; they are the brands that let you play Live Casino Games, Slot Games, Fishing Games and Lottery games, all from the heart of CMD368.

Sports That Can Bet on CMD368

CMD may be renowned for its Sportsbook, but it offers far more gaming categories. For starters, in the Sportsbook, you can bet on popular games like football, rugby, snooker, boxing, mixed martial arts, golf, table tennis, polo and others. Apart from sports betting, CMD368 also offers keno, live casino games, lottery, poker, and esports betting. But let’s cover the primary genres.


CMD368 offers a comprehensive football betting experience catering to punters passionate about the sport. The platform provides access to various types of football bets, including regular Asian handicap markets, live scores, and ongoing odds updated regularly. CMD368’s football betting options cover major international and European leagues and remote games such as the Malaysian Football League, Liga Premier, and Liga Super, providing diverse football betting opportunities.

Another feature that we liked was the Live past results and ongoing odds. It was an accessibility aid as we knew when and where to make informed decisions. So, here are some of the most popular football leagues that players thrive to bet on;

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Ligue 1
  • Bundesliga 1
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NCAA


In the categorisation of CMD368, Basketball lies in the second position. The betting options, such as moneyline and handicap betting, stay the same, and you can place your offerings during the live match. Technically, betting rules in Badminton are the same as in Basketball. But what type of Basketball games can you play with CMD368? You can find games from almost every available league, such as the NBA, Mexico LNBP, NCAA Basketball Women, China CBA, Australia NBL, Korea KBL, Philippines PBA, and Japan B1 League.


Badminton is more prevalent in Asia than in its Western counterparts, for good reasons. But how good is Badminton as a game when betting at CMD368? For starters, you can bet on singles and doubles matches, play with various betting markets and place competitive odds.

One of the critical features of CMD368’s badminton offerings is the availability of live betting, which allows users to place bets on ongoing matches. Apart from that, CMD368 offers a range of betting options, such as moneyline betting, handicap betting, and over/under-betting. These betting options are a fair heaven for those seeking flexibility when pursuing the best bet that suits their preferences and strategies.


You will find the all-loving Esports genre under the Sports section of the CMD368 website. The Esports genre is filled with games and tournaments, categorised by WeekDays. It makes searching a lot easier as you can simultaneously switch to different days and get ready for the battle early on. Some things stay the same, such as live betting and types of betting, but we would like to discuss the CMD’s attention towards the Esports genre.

They held a CMD368 Championship 2020, where the winning prize pool was set to 20,000 USD (26,678 SGD). The championship winners were Team Gamer Legion, Havu Gaming, and Natus Vincere Junior, and the 20,000 prize pool was distributed among them.

The Pros and Cons for CMD368


  • Provides Secure and Safe Gambling Options to Users.
  • Competitive Odds on Sports Events.
  • Responsive 24/7 Customer Support Support.
  • More than Just a Sportsbook, it’s a refined casino.


  • Old Fashioned Website Design Compared To Competitors.
  • During Peak Betting Periods, Their Website Can Sometimes Lose Its Functionality.
  • No iOS Application To Download.


CMD368 is a polished casino that comes with its ups and downs. The game variety is excellent, and you can play all sorts of sports bettings. The strength of the platform lies in its attentiveness and competitive sports betting. For queries, their live chat is available 24/7 in multiple languages.

However, our team also faced some minor problems when testing the platform. The casino’s website was old-fashioned in many ways compared to the competitors, and there wasn’t any CMD368 iOS application to start with. Overall, the gaming experience was smooth, and the CMD368 Casino is worth checking out.

For those interested in exploring online casinos in Singapore, we invite you to visit our dedicated Singapore Page. Similarly, if your preference lies with online casinos in Malaysia, simply click on ‘Malaysia’ in the menu bar for tailored options. This streamlined navigation ensures a smooth and efficient experience, guiding you directly to the gaming destinations best suited to your regional preferences.

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