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Who We are:

CasinosPress.com is a comprehensive and trustworthy casino review site that provides unbiased and in-depth evaluations of numerous online casinos. Our platform is dedicated to provide our readers unique insights, honest reviews, and trustworthy information so that they can make informed decisions when selecting the best casino for their gaming interests.

Besides, there are many casino-related jargons, making it more difficult for people to understand each casino review truly. Review as such is to no avail. Hence, we intend to make the language accessible in all our reviews.


A world where all the players have peace of mind when selecting which casino to play to enjoy the most entertainment.


Provide thorough, manual assessment for all the casinos available with impartiality.

Why CasinosPress?

For Players:

Casino Players
Explore Multiple Sites in One Place

Explore Multiple Sites in One Place

While we go in-depth for each casino review, we also write reviews to compare them to give players a better idea of which casino to choose.

Comprehensive Casino Guide and Tips

Comprehensive Casino Guide and Tips

We have in our team veteran players who come with experience and insider scoops on how to win big and quick.

Evaluate and Verify Before Playing

Evaluate and Verify Before Playing

Before writing any casino review, our experts will test out the casinos themselves to gather first-hand experience.

Access the Latest Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Access the Latest Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Most bonuses and promotions are ever-changing. We will always look out for the latest updates so you can fully leverage the bonuses.

For Online Casino Sites:

Casino Sites
Boost Brand Exposure

Boost Brand Exposure

Provided the online casinos are truly of quality, CasinosPress could help expand the online casino’s horizon of market reach.

Enhance Search Engine Ranking

Enhance Search Engine Ranking

The detailed reviews of online casino sites could help strengthen the ranking position for the specific online casino brand keyword.

Build User Trust and Credibility

Build User Trust and Credibility

As our reviews are impartial, CasinosPress serves as a legitimate third party where players gather reliable information before selecting an online casino.

Benefit from Trusted Reviews to Improve User Experience

Benefit from Trusted Reviews to Improve User Experience

CasinosPress has a wide pool of insider information on each casino, which is useful as unfiltered, genuine feedback for online casino sites’ marketing research.

How CasinosPress Review

All our casino reviews are conducted by experienced and impartial experts in the online gambling industry. We ensure transparency and credibility in our evaluations, so you can trust the information provided. There are 4 main elements as shown below that we will looking for:

  1. Casino’s Reputation
    Our team assesses the casino’s reputation based on the user’s knowledge, awareness, and satisfaction.
  2. Casino’s Safety and Security
    Our technical experts inspect the back-end structure of the online casino to assess how safely it stores your money and makes transactions.
  3. Quality of Customer Support
    Aside from the number of channels available to contact their customer service, we also evaluate how prompt, useful, and professional the support is.
  4. Quality of Casino Games
    Not all casinos are made equal. Our veteran players rate the games’ quality based on their entertainment score, winning chances, and reputable providers.

Frequently Asked Question

What is CasinosPress.com?

CasinosPress.com is an online platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews of various online casinos. We aim to assist players in making informed decisions when choosing a reliable and reputable casino to play at.

Can I play casino games directly on CasinosPress.com?

No, CasinosPress.com does not host any casino games. Instead, we provide reviews and recommendation

Is it safe to play at the casinos recommended by CasinosPress.com?

Absolutely! We prioritise safety and security when evaluating online casinos. Our recommended casinos are licensed and regulated by reputable authorities, ensuring fair gameplay and data protection.

Do you only review casinos available in a specific country?

We strive to cover a wide range of online casinos from different countries to cater to a global audience. Our reviews include casinos available in various regions, including Singapore and Malaysia.